Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome, I believe introductions are in order:

I am Daniel, the Lowly Minion. Or Minion D. for short, or just D. It does not bother me in the least, just be consistent.

I live in a cave below my current Overlord's castle. For years now he has done nothing Ovelord-ish at all. Just sits up there, complaining about finances. The only commands he has given me in the last six years are:

1. "Get a job, you lazy bum."
2. "Clean up this hell hole."
3. "If you were to move out, this cave would make an awesome game room." [Technically, not a command, but a very strong suggestion.]

Fortunately, he does not bestir himself from his couch before the all knowing black screen [only black when he has bestirred himself] to wander down into the bowels of his castle, often.

It is quite safe and snug in my cave. I painted the walls a bright, cheery yellow. In the torchlight it is quite cheerful. I am not a drear fellow, all the time. In fact, I have been quite happy for the past six years, but things are changing [not the Overlord, other things] I find myself wondering what it is like for minions who lose their overlords? How do they survive in the cruel world? What with mean, nasty adventurers always out to squeeze a minion of his lunch money? If my Overlord should expel me from my safe, snug, yellow cave, where would I go? How could I survive?

And so I am looking for a new position with a more active Overlord: Any takers?

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