Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No more snow. But bitterly cold.

Minion K. lives in Minion S.'s hovel leagues upon leagues from the castle. Minion S.'s hovel was one of our Overlord's first attempts to deal with "finances." Later, he convinced Minion S. to explore the wide-world seeking power grabs for the Overlord and packed as many of his minions as possible into Minion S.'s hovel, while he was off exploring. Now, I believe, only Minion K. resides in Minion S.'s hovel. I am unsure where the other minions have got to. It's not like we eat each other, usually.

Anyways Minion K. was gifted by the Overlord a diesel contraption for conveyance, which today he walked up to the castle claiming it was jelled. He wanted to borrow another contraption for conveyance from the Overlord, and Head Minion J. just let him. That is just stupid, make the minion suffer, as long as it's not me, [oh, one of those things I shouldn't say] stupid I say.

So apparently bitterly cold, today. I think I'll go to work. The office is heated, if I can get there. I will take my contraption for conveyance [cfc, I bought it myself. It is heated.]

Oh, I just clawed out of my pile of furs, and it is frigid. So this will end now.

I am a very self-reliant minion, that should count for something in getting a new position, right?

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