Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow! Snow! Snow!

It snowed all night. Now there are mounds of the stuff in the back courtyard. The Overlord issued orders to all the nearby minions: Minion K. to shovel the Overlord's walks. Fortunately, I was still asleep under a mound of old furs in my cheery, chilly cave. It is so white and sparkly.

And very cold. Minion K. deserved it, he does nothing but wander around the castle and listen to everything the boring old Overlord has to say to him. Hm. perhaps I should not write that. New Overlords probably want every minion to think they are witty and charming. It was cold. I was glad Minion K. was able to take care of the walks, before I was awake. Not that I have anything against shoveling snow in the cold. It is the desire of every minion to do the will of his Overlord.

Maybe I should note that: Preferably an Overlord from a warmer climate.

As you can see I am a perfect minion, seeking advancement from an underachieving Overlord.

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