Friday, July 29, 2011

"Every cloud has a silver lining."

That is what my boss said, today. We were looking up at a black sky lighted occasionally by silver flashes, but that was the only silver either of us could discern. The clouds were black above us. Below we stood in twilight, even though it was noon. No breeze, not the slightest hint of wind stirred. The sweltering heat seemed impossible with a cover that dark. The entire world seemed to be holding its breath.

Faint, but quickly growing into the familiar shriek, tornado sirens started. Just as the sirens became loud and clear, their cries were oblitterated by the roar. The breath the world had been holding hit us with full force. Sand and small pebbles blew into us with sound like a freight train rolling at top speed.


Rebecca said...

WOW!! You write beautifully! This is SO vivid!! Great job! Absolutely amazing!! :D

Daniel said...

Thank you.

I thought it was going somewhere, but it turned out it didn't.