Sunday, June 19, 2011

Old Job, New Expectations, And Loan Applications

As I don't think I mentioned, I got laid off from the job in town some time ago. About the same time the Overlord vanished for good [hehe... for good.] My boss came by the end of the week and told me to be there on Monday. Woohoo!! I get to be back making money! Eating real food!

But, that's not all, because there was no work at my old job some of the other employees took new jobs, so there's going to be lots of work to do. This is very good. My job used to get very tiresome. Now there will be all sorts of things to do.

My boss also thinks this dreary fortress is too far from work, so he has offered to help me buy a house.

Can you imagine: Me, in my very own house? I can't. But there it is. I spent the last two days filling out loan applications with lots a different banks. It's fun. I mean little ol' me walking into a full blown bank with people in suits and ties, the whole bit. It's a wee bit intimidating. Well, actually a whole lot more than a wee bit... It is really, truly terrifying.

But things are looking better all the time.

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