Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Long Can We Stay Awake Without Sleeping?

We start at a reasonable time on Sunday morning say about nine-ish... And wake about ten-ish Tuesday night having no idea how we came to be sleeping in the courtyard. We'll say: 32 hours.

Wednesday morning six thirty, we start... complete fail we are asleep by seven Wednesday. Only: 12 hours.

Thursday two in the morning... Sunday wake up at four in the morning on battlement. Guessing: more than 48 hours?

A big shock: Somebody actually is following us, here. Doesn't look like an overlord, though. More of an adventurer... Huh? why is an adventurer following us. [Don't look, pretend she is not following. Maybe she will go away.]

Not quite as big of shock, once, we realized where we'd seen her before. Trying to stay awake... Shhh!

Minion D., you have betrayed our presence to an adventurer. This can only turn out poorly with no big overlord to protect us or a bigger minion to distract her.

If it comes to a fight, D. distract, while I run away.

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