Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Okay, So there is this very toxic substance..."

I love Overlord monologues that start with the words:
"Alright boys, we have a new job. MA-1, as you all know, has fallen into disfavor. He was licensed, certified, and qualified for this job. And you aren't. But nevermind, that is unimportant. I have a job for you. There's this stuff, I want you to apply to our product before we ship it.

"Overminion LL-A will explain your part in this."

Overminion LL-A is the biggest minion around, except for Overminion TR-A and Minion WP-2. He is bigger than your average gorilla, evil tempered, vile smelling, cunning, and maliciousumm? overminion [yes, we'll use overminion].

I found overminion LL-A in his dwelling: a building with four walls and a door. He looked at me and said, "Ah D, I was just waiting for you. To implement your Overlord's new plan. Okay, so there is this very toxic subtance..." [I fell into a form of trance at this point.]

To sum up apparently my Great and Powerful Overlord: "He Who Must Be Obeyed, AND Not Made To Wait" wants this "stuff" that requires a full-body suit and SCBA equipment applied to his new product, immediately, by yours truly.

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